Adventure Club and Company Ignite The Tabernacle [RECAP]


By Bethanna Athena

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Adventure Club came to Atlanta this April with a show fine-tuned to send the city on a multi-genre sound tour adventure. As a duo who’s played Atlanta and various Georgia music festivals often over the years, they really know how to tie puppet strings to their audience here. The night was filled with the kind of hype moments people in the local scene know well, and that touring artists with a familiarity of the city hope to hear while they’re here. We’re alluding to the coveted “ATL Hoe” chant that emerges from the city’s collective appreciation of a beautiful, thoughtful melody followed by a seriously nasty drop. Or heard perhaps when a high energy dubstep remix of a well-known pop song moves into a half-tempo trap break down that forces every booty in the venue to bounce of its own accord. The Adventure Club show at the Tabernacle may have posted a record number of these amazing “ATL Hoe” collective energy moments.

The Tabernacle was vibing from the moment the first of the four opening producers, William Black, took the stage with some uniquely engaging and emotional future bass. But what really cranked the energy up was a first-ever Atlanta performance from Wooli. The East Coast producer’s particular brand of heavy melodic bass music was well-received here and he was arguably the most well-known and popular of the opening acts. Overall his multi-genre mixing and hard-hitting track selection kept the crowd in a constant state of whiplash and earned that “ATL Hoe” six times!! Wooli took notice, taking to Facebook after the show to thank Atlanta for raging with him early.

Moving into stage two of the evening, ARMNHMR gave us a meticulously designed set that swept through multiple genres seamlessly, keeping the energy up. Then Mitis, filling in for Gammer’s spot on the tour, blew everyone away with surprising track juxtapositions and more multi-genre mixing madness.

By the time Adventure Club began their classic intro, the Tabernacle was ready to go up in flames. Atlanta had been headbanging for hours and was ready to unleash the city’s full rage fury for the headliners. Having seen Adventure Club before in other contexts, we were surprised at how effectively the duo commanded the mic, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with not only killer music, but also party hype with a personal touch. They were IN IT, and brought the crowd with them for the adventure. After the first appreciative “ATL Hoe” came the mosh pit, then another collective chant. The third time the chant started was a bit surprising considering the song (“Crash Right After”) was more progressive than heavy, but Atlanta loves a positive shock in a set. If you can mix it well, we’ll appreciate it. More mosh pit and more “ATL Hoe” until it was down to the last song and time for lights to come up. But the crowd couldn’t let it end there. They begged for an encore and were rewarded with one of the songs that started the whole Adventure, “Crave You.”

If you would like to learn more about the headliners, you can read an interview with Adventure Club over on our partner site, The QR Network.

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