Cat Martinez - founder and co-owner

I started out as a broke college student with a wild passion for electronic music. In 2013, the only way I could afford to see the artists I loved was to promote for them. Promoting for shows helped me discover both my passion for marketing and working behind the scenes of the music industry. What started out as a craving to become more involved with the diverse music scene in Atlanta led to building a mass community of people who all share the same passion for Atlanta EDM. I’ve been living in Atlanta since i was three years old and graduated with a B.B.A. in Marketing from Georgia State University.


niCOLA breslauer - co-owner

Music has been a major aspect of my life consistently. I grew up in Boston, playing in bands and using music as a social bridge. When I came back to Atlanta to pursue my Undergraduate and Masters degrees, I enjoyed the local music scene, and watched it begin to evolve into one of the best hubs for electronic music in the nation. I quickly found myself enjoying EDM shows and festivals, and making friends that became family through the scene. I entered the world of promoting to afford more shows and get myself involved behind the scenes, through passion I excelled to managerial positions. Atlanta EDM seemed like the best platform to bring the community together and perpetuate the success of our local scene, and I was ecstatic to join the team in 2015. Since then I have spearheaded the Facebook division of Atlanta EDM, building our membership and connections with the best local venues and companies in the Southeast.