Photos by  Shots by Carl

Photos by Shots by Carl

Atlanta is home to 50+ music venues and nearly half a million people which means there is almost always an event going on every single day. For any ATLien-avid-electronic-dance-music enthusiast, it can be hard to keep track of all the Atlanta EDM events that happen inside and outside of the perimeter… until now. We work closely with venues and promoters across the city to make sure you never miss an Atlanta EDM event, show or festival again. Join us in our online communities across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we have been giving away tickets to shows every single week for the past six years.



Cat Martinez - founder and co-owner

I started out as a broke college student with a wild passion for electronic music. In 2013, the only way I could afford to see the artists I loved was to promote for them. Promoting for shows helped me discover both my passion for marketing and working behind the scenes of the music industry. What started out as a craving to become more involved with the diverse music scene in Atlanta led to building a mass community of people who all share the same passion for Atlanta EDM. I’ve been living in Atlanta since I was three years old and graduated with a B.B.A. in Marketing from Georgia State University.

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niCOLA breslauer - co-owner

Music has been a major aspect of my life consistently. I grew up in Boston, playing in bands and using music as a social bridge. When I came back to Atlanta to pursue my Undergraduate and Masters degrees, I enjoyed the local music scene, and watched it begin to evolve into one of the best hubs for electronic music in the nation. I quickly found myself enjoying EDM shows and festivals, and making friends that became family through the scene. I entered the world of promoting to afford more shows and get myself involved behind the scenes, through passion I excelled to managerial positions. Atlanta EDM seemed like the best platform to bring the community together and perpetuate the success of our local scene, and I was ecstatic to join the team in 2015. Since then I have spearheaded the Facebook division of Atlanta EDM, building our membership and connections with the best local venues and companies in the Southeast.

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