ALTI2D Discusses Upcoming Single and Playing at Believe Music Hall [INTERVIEW]


By Chris W. Lao

Credits to CreativeAesthetix

Credits to CreativeAesthetix

Airline pilot by day and DJ by night, Jordan Suvak, who performs and produces under the name ALTI2D (altitude), opened up the mainstage for Crizzly at the new Believe Music Hall in Atlanta, GA on February 9th. As the doors opened, patrons were greeted to what was initially a laid back yet groovy set. Deep house, G-House and Brazilian Bass tracks created an inviting atmosphere that kept the beat going and bodies swaying while the massive screen behind the DJ Booth flashed the custom aviation-themed visuals that builds off of ALTI2D’s branding.

The turning point for the evening was when Jordan hopped on the mic to announce that he was about to play his brand new, soon-to-be-released track, “Lift Off.” People pushed off of the walls and made their way to the center of the dancefloor to bear witness to this bomb of a track by ALTI2D, Indigenous, and Orphin. Filled with countdowns and energetic basslines, this song reset the tone of the evening and revved up people’s excitement for the remainder of the set and the acts to follow.

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After a few more heavy bass house tunes, Jordan slyly sped things up with the breakdown of Excision & Illenium’s masterpiece, “Gold.” At this point, he was in absolute control of the crowd and had everyone moving in sync with the beat and the vibe. Near the end of the set, he transitioned from dubstep to a more emotional track, giving people a sense of finality as he closed out his portion of the night.

Right as the second drop of the emotional track was about to hit, ALTI2D pulled a complete 180 and dropped one of the filthiest tracks of the evening, creating a wave of headbanging from the crowd. From then on, he maintained the energy and kept things fresh by smoothly switching tempos all the way from 150 to 113 and then back to 150 to end the set and hand things off to the next act of the evening, Drinkurwater.

The QR Network caught up with Jordan after his set to ask him about his thoughts on the evening and what he’s got coming up next.

The QR Network Interviews ALTI2D

For the past few months, you’ve been a regular here on the mainstage at Believe Music Hall. How have these experiences helped you grow and evolve as a performer?

It has been an honor to have the opportunity to play here at one of the best EDM venues in the city. When you play in this type of environment, you get the benefit of playing in front of a huge, passionate crowd which is something you just can’t simulate in other environments. It also gives you a chance to improve your stage presence and mic skills because you can see the reaction of the crowd and see what works and what doesn’t. There’s this sixth sense that you develop after playing out at a variety of venues and events that helps you read the energy of the crowd and build off of it.

What did it feel like to see your track get such a positive and energetic response from the crowd when you dropped it tonight?

It was an incredible response but really hard to describe! For me, I think about the road that I’ve taken to get to this point where I’ve had to learn to mix, then play out at clubs, and learn how to produce my own music. Then to have the chance to play my own track in my set on main stage and seeing that sort of response from the crowd. It’s like combining the emotions that went into making the track itself and then seeing the people dancing and having fun as the track drops is just this extreme happy feeling - the greatest feeling in the world.

Credits to CreativeAesthetix

Credits to CreativeAesthetix

Overall, how do you feel about the set you just played?

Opening is an art in itself, I think. You can never use the same progression twice because you’re ultimately building up to the headliner. Like for this show, I knew what type of music Crizzly would be spinning but I wasn’t as familiar with Drinkurwater. To prepare for my set, I looked him up and saw that he was big into riddim/dubstep, so I made sure to end my set with that type of music for a seamless transition. “Gold” from Excision and Illenium was the perfect track to raise the BPM but after I got there, I had some fun with it. I started my set at 124, gradually built up to 128, then went up to 150, threw in some funky stuff that went down to 113, and then brought it back up to 150 for a high energy finish!

What do you have coming up that you want the people to know about?

I’m really excited to be back at Believe Music Hall on April 13th as direct support for international sensation, DubVision. This show will be massive as they recently performed at EDC Vegas, TomorrowLand, and Ultra Music Festival. Additionally, I will be headlining “Ice House Thursday” on March 14th at the new T-Rays Ice Bar in Lawrenceville.

Also, “Lift Off” will be dropping soon so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, you can check out my new podcast, “Flight Deck Radio” which is available to stream on SoundCloud, Apple, and Spotify. I’m also going to be starting work on my next track that I’ve been thinking about for a while so that’ll be something to listen for in my upcoming sets!

Thank you so much to ALTI2D for taking the time to talk with us! Be sure to follow him on social media using the links below!


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